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Brand: CATALYST Model: CATAL‐3211
The CATAL‐3211 is a microcontroller board based on the Microchip PIC32MX795F512L, a member of the 32‐bit PIC32 microcontroller family. The CATAL‐3211 is easy to use and suitable for both beginners and advanced users experimenting with electronics and embedded control systems. It features a USB seri..
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Brand: Digilent Model: 240-114-1
Programmable Logic IC Development Tools PYNQ-Z1+ Accessory KitDigilent 240-114-1 Datasheet (PDF)..
Ex Tax:$387.47
Brand: Omron Electronics Model: 653-D6F-02L2-000
D6F Gas Mass Flow SensorsOmron Electronics D6F Gas Mass Flow Sensors are designed for high accuracy mass flow sensing with MEMS technology for natural gas and propane applications. These sensors are capable of sensing most non-corrosive gases including oxygen, nitrogen, N2O, Heli-Ox, helium, CO2, an..
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Brand: Bud Industries Model: ANS-3821
Electrical Enclosures 5.98x4.41x1.18 ALUM EMI/RFI SHIELDING.ANS-3821 Datasheet (PDF)..
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Brand: Omron Electronics Model: B5W-LB2101-1
Proximity Sensors Light Convergent Analog, Mini.B5W-LB2101-1 Datasheet (PDF)..
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Brand: Bud Industries Model: BRZHIFI BZ3207S
BRZHIFI BZ3207SSurface treatment process: wire drawing, anodic oxidation.External size: 320*248*70mm.Internal size: 284*237*62mm.Radiator size: 240*68*40mm.Front panel is 8mm, rear panel is 3mm, upper and lower cover is 3mm.Accessories: Version 1: rubber feet, aluminum knob, power switch, power..
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Brand: CATALYST Model: CATAL-1801
The CATAL‐1801 is a microcontroller board based on the Microchip Low range family, a member of the 8‐bit PIC microcontroller family. The CATAL‐1801 is easy to use and suitable for both beginners and advanced users experimenting with electronics and embedded control systems. It features a USB se..
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Brand: CATALYST Model: CATAL_4002
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Brand: CATALYST Model: DSO203
DSO203 is a pocket size 4-channel digital storage oscilloscope for common electronic engineering tasks. It also provides 4 application areas, convenient for users to load and upgrade at most 4 different application firmware.Two 72Mhz analog channels and two digital channelsAD9288-40 dual A/D convert..
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Brand: Texas Instruments Model: EK-TM4C123GXL
Development Boards & Kits - ARM TIVA LaunchPAD. Evaluation Board for the evaluation of ARM Cortex M4F microcontrollers.EK-TM4C123GXL Datasheet (PDF)..
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Brand: Texas Instruments Model: EK-TM4C1294XL
Development Boards & Kits - ARM Tiva C Series LaunchPad. Tiva C series Microcontroller Connected LaunchPad.EK-TM4C1294XL Datasheet (PDF)..
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Brand: Honeywell Model: Honeywell PX2AG2XX010BSCHX
Pressure SensorsHoneywell Pressure Sensors offer measurement solutions with complete board mount or heavy duty sensors. Easily configurable, Honeywell Pressure Sensors are available in a wide range of ports, connectors, outputs, and pressure ranges. Suitable for basic or complex applications, the se..
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